Benefits to ISV’s

Independent Software Vendors need a trusted cloud hosting partner, with real people and expertise, NOT a faceless cloud giant.

Your Windows Server applications will work better on our hosted servers. Your customers’ computing environment will be optimized for YOUR software and THEIR business processes. Guarantee your customer’s satisfaction by recommending a complete, reliable, secure set-up tailored to their business.

Increase your customer retention and let your support staff focus on your product. Give us a call.

You Need a Trusted Hosting Partner Like CIO Systems

 Fast, Reliable Servers.  Backed Up & Monitored 24/7



24/7 Proactive Monitoring & Management


U.S. Based Support

Knowledgeable & Thorough



Our servers exceed our already excellent service level guarantees

Faultless Connectivity

Always-on.  From anywhere, on any device.

Tier-1 Data Centers

State-of-the-art colocation facilities.

“When our customers host with CIO Systems, nothing breaks down. They don’t need to buy more on-site equipment to worry about. We focus on sales. CIO Systems handles the servers, storage, performance, management and support calls.”

– Scott Lawson, patientNOW, IT Manager

You’re the Software Expert

We’re the Cloud hosting & IT experts. Let us worry about the things that keep you up at night.

Issues that can create critical situations fail to stick to the hours of the workday. We protect your infrastructure constantly and rectify possible errors promptly to avoid further damage. We’ll quite often alert you to a problem after we have fixed it.

The Benefits of CIO Systems Cloud Hosting


Increase Sales

Offer your customers a reliable hosting solution.  Deployed in 1 day.

Increase Customer Retension

Happy customers using your application will stay with your software.

Templated Servers For Rapid Dpeloyment

Shorten your deployment cycle by weeks. No hardware to order & install

Zero Upfront Cost

No start-up and maintenance costs associated with self-management

Less Power

Less power and space required

Ticketing and Backups

No hassle with ticketing or backup systems and redundant hardware

Turnkey Set-Up

Rapid deployment server templates designed to your specs

No Capital Expenses

Save your customers thousands of dollars

Anywhere Access

On PC, Macs, Tablets, SmartPhones via a familiar Windows environment

High Performance

With stable internet connections in PRIVATE, 24/7 managed data centers

We can also develop a sales tool for your customers that will demo your equipment to help promote our, and your services. CIO System of Silicon Valley is offering a turnkey system that provides high-performance and peace of mind. Offer a hosting package to your clients that you can rely on.

Proven Success. Impeccable References.

Trusted Since 2003.