Businesses Benefits

Effective IT support can be costly and complex.  Poor IT is NOT acceptable. We’re here to help.

If you could have your IT managed and hosted externally, saving you the need for set-up maintenance costs and staffing, would you? CIO Systems of Silicon Valley can do precisely that. We make it simple, affordable and worry-free.

Benefits of CIO Systems managed IT support to your business include:


No Hidden Fees

A predictable single monthly expense

Rapid Setup and Installation

We Solve IT Issues quickly and permanently

24/7 Expert IT Support

Reduce Cost and Increase User Satisfaction

Peak Performance

Your Critical Business Applications Perform Better

Reliable & Secure IT Solutions

Superior Uptime & Data Safety

We’ll learn which applications you have and exactly how you work. Your users will be happier and your business will thrive.  You’ll be a believer in no time!

We can help transition some or all of your existing systems to our tier-1 data centers where you’ll enjoy better performance and reliability. Your systems & data can be accessed from anywhere, on any device. PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone. Printing, scanning and file sharing become seamless via familiar Windows desktops, meaning your staff can work they way they like to.

You can migrate to better I.T., quickly, easily and safely!

“We moved from on-site servers to cloud-based systems.  We’ve experienced huge savings and better performance.  No more maintaining expensive, unreliable hardware. Our solution is fully customized, integrated and always-on.”

Besides the cost savings, working with CIO Systems will help you eliminate IT worries. We deliver IT services in the background for a range of businesses across many industries.

Proven Success. Impeccable References.

Trusted Since 2003.